Radio Therapy Side Effects

Radiotherapy Side Effects

IMP : Radiation-related solid cancers
Epidemiologic research has demonstrated that ionizing radiation in the form of radiotherapy accounts for the elevated risks of certain second cancers. An individual risk of radiation-related, or radiogenic, second cancer depends on several critical, often inter-dependent factors: the type and dose of radiation received; the amount of the body treated (treatment field); the part of the body irradiated and its inherent tissue sensitivity; and the age at irradiation.

If Patient is inoperable or does not want surgery He is often advised to undergo Chemotherapy with Radiation. The result of this combination is very distressing in most cases as the videos below will show.

If Chemotherapy and radiotherapy could cure a patient or arrest the cancer why would you need any surgery in first place?.

At Orchid Oncology Centre we minimize the radiation exposure by using laser which does not cause any Ionising Radiation damage

Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Full Mouth closure is a frequent and a dreaded side effect of Radiotherapy

This Side effect will come to nearly all patients of Radiotherapy.
Specially and faster for patients having tobacco and gutka abuse because they already have some amount of mouth closure.

This complication does not improve ever with time.

Other dreaded complication is increase in activity of disease.

Other changes include



Hair Loss

Mouth Changes

Nausea and Vomiting

Sexual and Fertility Changes

Skin Changes

Throat Changes

Urinary and Bladder Changes