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Oral cancer or mouth cancer is a subtype of head and neck cancer, is any cancerous tissue growth located in the oral cavity.

Laser surgery for breast cancer is fast picking up as a preferred alternative

Laser Oncology

Laser Oncosurgery is a field which has advanced rapidly in the last couple of years. From being a fringe player in this field it is now the treatment of choice in many cancers like basal cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma of skin. There is now a separate field in MRI guided laser ablation of Brain Tumours.

Liver carcinoma is being increasingly handled by laser over surgery in specialized centres. Breast carcinoma is being handled by many centres internationally by ablation rather than open surgery. The world over application of lasers in General Surgery has been slow but steady. Surgeons are adapting to this new tool all over the world. Today lasers can be used in 70% of Non laparoscopic General Surgery though the expertise is extremely limited at present. Laser Surgery is different from routine scalpel surgery. It has the advantage of being fast, bloodless and practically no pain post op.

Technical aspect of Tumour handling in late stages

Late stage cancer has always been an enigma in handling for Oncosurgeons. Late stage is defined as any tumour in stage 4. Click >>>Here<<< for staging information
In this stage any surgery to remove the tumour has a very high chance of recurrence within 2 to 3 months. It has a near 100% chance in next 4 months for recurrence.

In our experience all operated patients inevitably lament about the fact that they did not know about laser,otherwise they would not have opted for surgery. It must tbe remembered the final outcome does not depend on the surgeon or the hospital .The results are uniform in any hospital. This fact is conviennently hidden from the patient and relatives.

Laser Oncosurgery is the latest patient friendly way to handle Mouth Cancer. Instead of an elaborate surgery to remove the tumour the same amount of tumour can be removed by laser without any surgery

It must be remembered that Conventional Surgery does not remove 100% of the tumour. Otherwise Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy would not be necessary in any patient of Stage 4 Mouth Cancer.

At Orchid Cancer centre we specialize in handling only stage 4 Mouth cancer for last 6 years.

Comparison of Conventional surgery /Laser in Late stage Mouth cancer




Extensive Tumour Operation

Not possible


Pain control

Not possible

Control achieved in 24 hrs


No disappearance



Liquids and Mashed food

Normal diet


Not acceptable


Surgery time

10 hrs

1 hr


6 doses

2 doses


35 doses

8 doses


Not Manageable



6-8 months maximum

6-8 months minimum

Long Term Survival

Not Possible

  More than 70% of cases

Patient Expectation

0% fullfillment

  above 90% fullfillment